aaron cruz

Trying to make the world better with code.

I’m a software developer, ex cook who lives near Vienna, Austria. Here is a collection of the things on which I spend most of my time.


My work is spread out between a few different projects. Here are the main ones I’m working on currently. For more information about a particular project, follow the link to the project’s site.

Wirsing is a small software consultancy dedicated to working on projects that bring positive change to the world. We have organized food waste and refugee help hackathons and we are currently working with the EU to reduce food waste across Central Europe

Square Bracket eU helps startups start up. We build minimum viable products for people looking to turn their idea into a funded startup. Check out the site for more details.

If you’re looking for someone to build your next chatbot, you should drop by computercomputer.computer. We handle all your chatbot needs but we specialize in Natural Language Processing and Conversational UI. Talk to our bot if you want to learn more.


I have been building chatbots for side projects and clients. You can play around with a few below.

Burgers and Beer Bot

If you are down for some burgers or some beer, talk to this bot. I built it with the Elixir programming language as an experiment in learning about bots and Elixir. If you want to read the horrendous source code, view it on GitHub here.

Pomororo Bot

Pomodoro Bot helps you be more productive with the Pomodoro Technique. It will remind you of when to go on breaks and when to work on one, single, uninterupted task. Check it out!

Burpee Trainer Bot (coming soon)

Burpees are the worst. But they get you super fit if you do enough of them. This chatbot helps you in progressions to full burpees with the goal of you doing 30,000 burpees in a year. Try at your own risk 😉


I speak at conferences and meetups around the world about topics like:

  • Chatbots
  • Software Design
  • Ruby/Elixir/Golang
  • Minimum Viable Product Inception and Creation
  • Productivity


This Bot Will Pump You Up!

I challenged myself to get fit with fitness chatbots I was building. Try not to cry when you see what happened next.

  • Gopherconf Philippines 2017
  • Gopherconf India 2017

Evolution Of A Burger Bot

I built a Burgers and Beer chatbot using the Elixir programming language. This talk is a bit about the process but mostly about chatbot design.

  • ElixirLive 2016 – Warsaw

Ruby Alternatives

Ruby is just a tool and this talk is a very brief introduction to some other tools a Rubyist could add to their toolbox: Golang, Elixir and the Crystal Programming Language.

  • Rails Israel 2016
  • Rubyconf India 2016
  • RubyC – Ukraine 2016

Duck! An Interface Love Story.

Where I speak about one of my favorite features of the Go Programming Language, Interfaces.

  • Gopherconf India 2015
  • Gopherconf Dubai 2015


TJ Holowaychuk Is A Hivemind

There are rumors swirling around that perhaps TJ, a hero in the node.js community, is not what he claims to be… a real person! We get to the bottom of it in this (controversial by the look of the votes) talk.


If you would like to get in touch, send me a message below and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours. I won’t spam you if you promise not to spam my contact form.

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