Aaron Cruz


Bring your startup idea to life

I want you to succeed

Not a lot of products become the next big thing. This becomes even harder to achieve when you don’t have all of the necessary tools to build, experiment with and market your product. I have those tools and I would love to be the first step on your trip to being a profitable business. I want to give the best return on investment possible.

Start earning money now

Building your MVP can be a real challenge if you don’t have a team of developers. I have years of experience building user focused web applications and I would love to build you a revenue producing business this month!

If you are looking for someone to build your idea

What I provide

From zero to charging users

I will build the product from an idea to an actual live application that you can start charging for immediately.

Usability testing

I will set up usability testing sessions to make sure that all of our assumptions about the product’s usability are correct.

Tight feedback loop

Communication is very important to make sure I am building the application you have in your head. Because of our tight feedback loop, we will be able to quickly change and adapt to your vision as it changes.

Data informed design

We will create experiments throughout the development process to measure if someone really wants what we are trying to build. If they don’t, we will have the information to be able to change our direction and continue building what they do want!

Help finding the right designer

I will help in the search for the correct graphic designer for what your view of beautiful design is. We will find the right design for your brand.

If you have any questions just contact me and I will get back to you right away!