Aaron Cruz

Internet worker


I’m a software developer, ex cook who lives near Vienna, Austria. Here is a collection of the things on which I spend most of my time.


Square Bracket eU helps startups start up. We build minimum viable products for people looking to turn their idea into a funded startup. Check out the site for more details.


I speak at conferences about topics such as: Crypto Mining, Chatbots, Software Design, Ruby/Elixir/Golang and Productivity


Coming Soon

No talks planned. Contact me if you're looking for an Elixir or Proof of Work related talk or workshop.

Recent Talks
Mining Crypto With Ruby - Rubyconf Kenya 2018
PoW And Why We Mine - ReaktorBreakpoint Helsinki 2018
How I Learn - Rubyconf Indonesia 2017

This Bot Will Pump You Up!
I challenged myself to get fit with fitness chatbots I was building. Try not to cry when you see what happened next.

Rubyconf Philippines 2017
Rubyconf India 2017

Evolution of a Burger Bot
I built a Burgers and Beer chatbot using the Elixir programming language. This talk is a bit about the process but mostly about chatbot design.

ElixirLive 2016 – Warsaw

Ruby Alternatives
Ruby is just a tool and this talk is a very brief introduction to some other tools a Rubyist could add to their toolbox: Golang, Elixir and the Crystal Programming Language.

Rails Israel 2016
Rubyconf India 2016
RubyC – Ukraine 2016

Duck! An Interface Love Story.
Where I speak about one of my favorite features of the Go Programming Language, Interfaces.

Gopherconf India 2015
Gopherconf Dubai 2015


TJ Holowaychuk Is A Hivemind
There are rumors swirling around that perhaps TJ, a hero in the node.js community, is not what he claims to be… a real person! We get to the bottom of it in this (controversial by the look of the votes) talk.


If you're interested in me speaking at your conference or giving a workshop, call or send me an email

Inkustraße 1-7, 3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria