Aaron Cruz

Internet worker


I’m a software developer, ex cook who lives near Vienna, Austria. Here is a collection of the things on which I spend most of my time.


Wirsing is a small software consultancy dedicated to working on projects that bring positive change to the world. We have organized food waste and refugee help hackathons and we are currently working with the EU to reduce food waste across Central Europe

Square Bracket eU helps startups start up. We build minimum viable products for people looking to turn their idea into a funded startup. Check out the site for more details.


I speak at conferences about topics such as: Crypto Mining, Chatbots, Software Design, Ruby/Elixir/Golang and Productivity


Coming Soon

Mining Crypto With Ruby - Rubyconf Kenya 2018

Recent Talks

PoW And Why We Mine - ReaktorBreakpoint Helsinki 2018
How I Learn - Rubyconf Indonesia 2017

This Bot Will Pump You Up!
I challenged myself to get fit with fitness chatbots I was building. Try not to cry when you see what happened next.

Rubyconf Philippines 2017
Rubyconf India 2017

Evolution of a Burger Bot
I built a Burgers and Beer chatbot using the Elixir programming language. This talk is a bit about the process but mostly about chatbot design.

ElixirLive 2016 – Warsaw

Ruby Alternatives
Ruby is just a tool and this talk is a very brief introduction to some other tools a Rubyist could add to their toolbox: Golang, Elixir and the Crystal Programming Language.

Rails Israel 2016
Rubyconf India 2016
RubyC – Ukraine 2016

Duck! An Interface Love Story.
Where I speak about one of my favorite features of the Go Programming Language, Interfaces.

Gopherconf India 2015
Gopherconf Dubai 2015


TJ Holowaychuk Is A Hivemind
There are rumors swirling around that perhaps TJ, a hero in the node.js community, is not what he claims to be… a real person! We get to the bottom of it in this (controversial by the look of the votes) talk.


If you're interested in me speaking at your conference or giving a workshop, call or send me an email

Inkustraße 1-7, 3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria